The Curious Garden Print

What You Need to Know:
• Peter Brown’s message that a garden can change a city is timely as the trend toward going green continues to
  “grow” across the planet.
• The illustrations, done in acrylic and gouache, truly stand out and tell the story in pictures that go beyond the words
  on the page.
• The colors are appealing and even soothing. Every time we read the story, my son discovers something new and
  interesting in the illustrations.
• Check out Peter Brown’s letter in the back to see what inspired him.
Sweet Book Summary:
Liam lives in a pretty sad looking city. Nothing grows there. Nothing is green. But Liam is a curious boy who loves to explore and one day he discovers a surprise hiding on some old railway tracks that run above the city. Liam finds color in the form of plants and he is inspired to help this small patch of life grow even bigger. Before long, the garden, as curious as Liam, begins to explore too. The city is transformed, as are the people living there.

Bring this story to life. Visit The High Line in New York City and see the real railway garden that inspired the author.
Author: Peter Brown Illustrator: Peter Brown Published: 2009, 40 pages
Themes: Environmentalism, Exquisite Illustrations, Imagination, Urban
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