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Capture the Flag
Kate Messner


Houndsley and Catina Plink and Plunk PDF Print E-mail

What You Need to Know:
• Houndsley and Catina is an exceptionally well-written Learn to Read book/series.
• It is a new and modern take on the friendship/buddy story, in the same vein, and should be held with as much
   regard, as Frog and Toad and George and Martha.
• The chapters are continuous, as opposed to small, short unrelated stories as often found at this reading level. This is
   particularly helpful to move a young reader along to more challenging books by allowing them to practice retaining
   characters and plotlines.
• This book has been nomintated for a 2009 Cybil Award. Please click the Cybils link on the left side of the page to
   learn more about the Children's and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards (Cybils).
Sweet Series Background:
Houndley and Catina is a superb Learn to Read Sr, series. It is an appealing account of two young friends, Houndsley the dog and Catina the cat. Houndsley is the strong, silent, level-headed type and Catina is more effervescent, chatty, and exuberant. Throughout these lovely stories, the two friends learn that even though their personalities are very different, they are actually more alike than would seem. Each book (4 in all as of 2009) imparts meaningful lessons they learn from each other about friendship and life. Howe's spare prose and Gay's gorgeous illustrations make for a truly welcome new contender in the buddy book genre.
Sweet Book Summary:
Houndsley needs a partner to canoe and wants to invite Catina, but she will talk the entire time. Houndsley enjoys the "plink plunk" of the paddles hitting the water and he can't hear anything over Catina's chatter. Then Houndsley receives a bike in the mail and Catina can't wait to take a bike ride with him. But Houndsley is reticent. Why? Well, it turns out Houndsley doesn't know how to bike and he is afraid. And it turns out Catina can't swim, so she is terrified when they go canoeing, and when she is nervous, she talks a lot. With the help of Bert, the two friends realize and face their fears together. Sweet, sweet story.
Author: James Howe Illustrator: Marie-Louise Gay Published: 2009, 42 pages (Paperback)
Themes: Animals, Friendship, Excellent Read-Aloud
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