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What You Need to Know:
• This is a terrific book on conflict resolution for young children.
• This would be a great read-aloud for pre-school and kindergarten classrooms.
• This would also make a great read-aloud if you are looking to help your young child navigate a friendship.
• The illustrations are simply charming
Sweet Book Summary:
This is a deceptively simple story. After my first read through I thought, "Hmmmm, that wasn't too exciting." But then I read it with my six year old and realized what a pitch perfect story it is for that age group. The author has zeroed in on an entirely age-appropriate way to model conflict resolution. The fact that the illustrations are enormously appealing, is just a great, big bonus.

The pig and the bunny are the best of friends and love to do everything together, but they have exact opposite personalities. The pig is apparently carefree and the bunny is very careful. (Note: the bunny and the pig are never named in the story) At the start, the bunny can't take the pig's carelessness and doesn't want to play anymore. The pig says that's quite all right, I won't even miss you. The next few pages are about all the things they can do without each other, until they both realize all the activities are better shared together. They reconcile that they are very different, but that is what makes their friendship so special. A heady message for young children, but a crucial one as they are navigating the social scene that is pre-school and kindergarten.
Author: Genevieve Cote Illustrator: Genevieve Cote Published: 2011, 32 pages
Themes: Excellent Read-Aloud, Exquisite Illustrations, Self-Awareness/Discovery, Friendship, Cooperation, Conflict Resolution, Individuality
Sweet Discussion Questions:
• What do you do when you and a friend are not getting along?
• Do you have a friend who is very different than you?
• Who are you more like, the pig or the bunny?
• Can you think of ways to tell your friends how special they are?
• Would you rather be like the pig or the bunny? Why?
• What names would you choose for the pig and the bunny?
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This recommendation was written by: Melissa Y.
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