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Capture the Flag
Kate Messner


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Greek Myths PDF Print E-mail

What You Need to Know:
• This is an outstanding book on Greek Mythology for children of all ages.
• This is not a comprehensive book on mythology but an introduction to the Twelve Olympians: Zeus, Poseidon, Hera,
   Demeter, Hermes, Athena, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Ares, Apollo, and Artemis.
• This would make for a nice follow-up or pre-read to the ever popular Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by
   Rick Riordan, or even to a viewing of the Percy Jackson movie.
• This beautiful book is also priced really reasonably. For under $20 you are treated to a fabulous book with beautiful
Sweet Book Summary:
Greek mythology is fascinating and entertaining as it sheds light on an ancient civilization, giving young readers a tangible connection to both history and their place in the larger world. Ann Turnbull's Greek Myths is full of facts that are presented in a appealing storybook form. By limiting the number of myths featured, the author has created a very digestible piece of history for children. Her retelling of these classic stories breathes new life into the ancient tales. With illustrator Sarah Young's rich and textured artwork, the characters come alive.

Greek Myths is broken into a short story format with each myth getting its own chapter. Turnbull has found links in each myth, so they flow naturally from one tale to the next. I especially like this for read-aloud purposes. This book is one of those wonderful pieces of literature that can be read to very young children. The entertaining nature of the mythology and the appealing illustrations scattered throughout, invite them into its pages. It will also hold your older child's attention, especially as they study Greek Mythology in school. I am a firm believer in the theory that your children are never too old for you to read to them; that time together can only get more sacred as your child matures.

All around, this is a perfect book to have lying around this summer. It simultaneously educates and entertains. It's short story format allows it to be picked up and put down very easily, making for some fun and informative reading in between pool, beach and camp!
Author: Ann Turnbull Illustrator: Sarah Young Published: 2010, 168 pages
Themes: Mythology, Excellent Read Aloud, Exquisite Illustrations, History
Sweet Discussion Questions:
• What is a myth?
• Which is your favorite myth? Why?
• Do you think the myths are real? Why or why not?
• Do you think the gods really existed? What makes you think that?
• Why do you think the gods punished their people?
• If you read Percy Jackson, why do you think Rick Riordan chose to write about these myths?
• Can you think of your own god? What would he/she be the god of and what would be their special power?
If You Liked This Book, Try:
The Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan
Oh My Gods!: A Look-It-Up Guide to the Gods of Mythology (Mythlopedia), Megan E. Bryant
D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths, Ingri d'Aulaire
This recommendation was written by: Melissa Y.
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